Become a Member of Orcas Senior Center

It’s no lie, Orcas Senior Center simply couldn’t exist if not for you, our members! In addition to the hundreds of valuable hours staff and volunteers provide, without the money that we raise through “membership” fees and outright donations we simply would not be able to provide the services we offer, and we have no intention of letting that happen!

In a word, your contribution of becoming a member is vital to ensuring the growth and diversity of Orcas Senior Center.

Who can become a member of Orcas Senior Center? Anyone age 55 and over or adults living with a disability.

Scholarships available for those in need. Call (206) 413-6156 or

We offer three membership levels, Standard, Prime, and Gold. Scroll down to view the Benefit Chart below.

To become a member of Orcas Senior Center, fill out the form below or go here to print a form from home to mail.

Benefit Chart

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