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Hearts and Hands

Hearts and Hands was originally funded through seed money granted by the national Faith in Action programs of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It is now supported by individual and community donations, fundraising events, and grants. 

Hearts and Hands provides in-person and in-home companionship and practical assistance for senior, ill, or disabled adults for consistent, weekly, and long-term engagement. It provides opportunities for socialization, while monitoring physical and emotional well-being. Volunteers may also act as conduits to resources and bring awareness to potential problems and needs.  

Buddy Check-In

The Buddy Check-In program was initiated during the COVID-19 outbreak and originally funded by the Community Emergency Response Fund of the Orcas Island Community Foundation. It is now supported by individual and community donations, fundraising events, and grants.  

Buddy Check-In provides telephone monitoring companionship for seniors, ill adults, or adults with disabilities for consistent, weekly, and long-term engagement. Volunteers are trained to be sensitive to the needs of our service recipients and to respect each person’s right to compassion, confidentiality, and dignity at all phases of life.  

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