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“the virtual vineyard

Sunday, November 22, 2020 at 5:00pm

Join Orcas Senior Center and Doe Bay Wine Company’s Cole Sisson in the virtual vineyard for a fun, festive and informative hour of wine tasting and food paring on Sunday, November 22nd at 5:00pm.

You will learn how to pair your favorite wines with foods for the holidays or discover a new wine to pair with your feast. We might even be lucky enough to have a special virtual appearance by the vintners themselves!

To participate, register at here by Monday, November 9th. Then, purchase and pick up your wine, cheese, and crackers at Doe Bay Wine Company at 109 North Beach Road Thursday-Saturday 11am-4pm by Saturday, November 21st. (1 bottle wine, cheese, crackers: $30; 2 bottles wine, cheese, crackers: $50; 3 bottles wine, cheese, crackers: $70)

On Sunday, November 22nd at 5:00pm, open your wine, grab your cheese and crackers and come join your friends on Zoom! New to Zoom? Learn how to Zoom Like a Pro here.

This program is a pilot project for November and December by donation. Thank you for supporting Doe Bay Wine Company – your local wine shop! Please consider a generous donation to Orcas Senior Center to help support more programing like this one. Thank you!


November 3, 2020 General Election

We asked Orcas Senior Center members what questions they would like to see answered by the 2020 San Juan County Council candidates for the General Election on November 3, 2020. Of the seventeen questions submitted, we chose three main questions and invited the candidates to answer. Read their responses here.

Still need to register to vote? It’s not too late! The last day to register and update voter information online or by mail is October 26, 2020. The last day for in-person registration and voter updates is November 3, 2020. To register to vote or to change your voter information, go here or call the San Juan Elections office at (360) 378-3357.

Do you have a disability that may hinder your ability to vote? Contact the San Juan County Elections Office at (360) 378-3357 to receive assistance.

Do you need help returning your ballot? Orcas Senior Center has a number of volunteers available to help you return your ballot either by mail or the ballot drop box. Contact John Slater at (360) 919-9319 or john@orcasseniors.org to receive assistance.

Where is a ballot drop box located on Orcas Island? There is a secure ballot drop box located at Orcas Senior Center at the end of the driveway at 62 Henry Road.

*** NOTE: The ballot drop box is NOT the drop box attached to the building! ***

Do you have more questions related to voting? View the San Juan County Q&A about elections here or call the San Juan County Elections Office at (360) 378-3357.


Drive-Thru Flu Clinics in October

It’s more important than ever before to get a flu vaccine this year especially for people with high risk factors.

Schedule your flu shot with your care provider or participate in one of the drive-thru flu clinics on Orcas Island Friday, October 23rd or Friday, October 30th. To find out more about the drive-thru flu clinics and how to pre-register, go here.


Activities and Events by Zoom

We are excited to announce a reintroduction of our activities and events by Zoom including much loved Afternoon Tea and Meeting of the Minds! Go here to see the latest list of of Zoom offerings, how to participate by Zoom, and even helpful information on how to Zoom Like a Pro.


Mask-Maker, Mask-Maker

Super volunteer Maggie Kaplan has been hard at work hand-making masks for our community and visitors alike since March.

To date, she has raised over $11,300 in donations for her masks! All proceeds have been donated to Orcas Senior Center! Thank you Maggie!!

You can pick up your very own stylish and well-sewn masks from her carport at 158 Palisades Drive.

Read more about Maggie and her masks in this article from the Islands’ Sounder here.



No doubt about it: These are strange times. We all need to remain diligent about our safety and well-being as well as our neighbor’s.

We are gradually re-introducing remote events and activities by Zoom, including Afternoon Tea and Meeting of the Minds. To see the current list of events and activities by Zoom, go here.

To keep up to date about the COVID-19 crisis and for resources, go to our COVID-19 page here.

Stay well and keep those hands clean!


Buddy Check-In

Are you a senior? Would you appreciate a regular phone check-in by an Orcas Senior Center volunteer during your self-isolation?

We have contacted a number of you already, but we are missing many phone numbers.

If you want to participate in the Orcas Senior Center Buddy Check-In Program, select the button below to get more information or contact John Slater at John@orcasseniors.org or (360) 919-9318.


Real Time Air Quality Measurements
at Orcas Senior Center

As part of its Air Quality Monitoring Project, San Juan County has installed a PM2.5 monitor on the Orcas Senior Center building. 

PM2.5 are microscopic particles that are only a few percent of the diameter of a human hair in size. Their microscopic size allows them to bypass the protective areas of the nose and throat and penetrate deep into the lungs, potentially causing health problems. On Orcas Island, the most common sources of PM2.5 are motor vehicles, residential wood burning, and seasonal forest fires. 

The box below shows up-to-date readings from the PM2.5 air quality monitor installed at the Orcas Senior Center. Any number less than 50 is considered safe. Click on the “Purple Air Map” at the bottom to get even more information from the sensor. 


A replacement part is on order and will arrive soon for repair. In the meantime, click on “Purple Air Map” at the bottom of the widget. In the new internet tab, zoom out on the map and click on any of the other nearby monitors, such as the one at Rosario, Lopez Island, or the two on San Juan Island.

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