Meeting of the Minds

Meeting of the Minds is a lecture series created in 2018 to encourage local speakers to talk about topics of interest. Lectures have ranged from gamma ray astrophysics (Kenneth Gibbs, Ph.D.), to toxic plankton monitoring (Lynnette Wood, Ph.D.), to piebaldism in local deer populations (Joe Springer), and everything in between. We like to think there is something for everyone!

Meeting of the Minds lectures are at 1:00pm on the third Wednesday of the month, from September to May, with an occasional “extra” lecture thrown in for good measure. Keep a look out on our website and local media outlets announcing each presentation and how to attend.

2020-2021 Lecture Series

  • Sept 2020 – Seniors and Cannabis, Nancy Southern
  • Oct 2020 – New Species and Habitats in Underground Places, Geoff Hoese
  • Nov 2020 – Frogs of the San Juan Islands, Christian Oldham
  • Dec 2020 – Bureau of Land Management and the San Juan Islands National Monument, Skeet Townley
  • Jan 2021 – Postponed to May
  • Feb 2021 – Air Quality Monitoring in San Juan County, Kyle Dodd
  • Mar 2021 – Cascade Creek Coho Salmon and Water Restoration, Jenny DeGroot
  • Apr 2021 – Rediscovered Fruit: Conserving the Islands’ Ancient Food Forests, Madrona Murphy
  • May 2021 – Forage Fishes and the Beach: The Role of Local Shorelines in Marine Ecosystem Recovery, Tina Whitman
  • Jun 2021 – Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Janet Oakley


Below are recordings of some of the Meeting of the Minds 2020-2021 series by Zoom. The Meeting of the Minds presentations from this series were moved from in-person to Zoom due to having to cancel all in-person events because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the video of Jenny DeGroot’s presentation was compromised. However, the audio recording was restored. Please enjoy.