August 14, 2020 (revised)

Senior Services Council of San Juan County (SSCSJC) Bookkeeper Job Description

The Senior Services Council of San Juan County (SSCSJC, a 501c3) is in need of a bookkeeper to maintain accurate records of all financial activities for the corporation. The SSCSJC is organized for charitable purposes to operate three district (San Juan, Lopez and Oscar Island) senior centers, and assist citizens of age sixty and older and disabled persons of San Juan County.

The corporate bookkeeper would record and maintain SSCSJC financial records, fact check all data and update all SSCSJC financial statements. The bookkeeper will ensure accounts are accurate and current and will use QuickBooks, Excel, and other tools to track and manage data.

This would be an independent contractor position. The position would pay an hourly rate and the rate would be commensurate with what is typical in San Juan County for such a position.

The corporate bookkeeper would follow guidance from the SSCSJC Treasurer and the corporate accounting firm.

The position requires someone who has good customer relations skills, can communicate clearly, and can work well with corporate board members and district staff.

A confidentiality statement and contract must be signed by the contractor.

Each district will be responsible for one third of the bookkeeper’s fees.


  1. Handles Accounts Payable. Accounts Receivable, Payroll for the 3 districts, Tax liabilities, both federal and state, Reconciliation of SSCSJC bank account to QuickBooks records.
  2. Prepares financial reports (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet) for the corporation board prior to scheduled meetings for their review and approval. 
  3. Puts together special corporate financial projects/reports when they are requested by the board. (Such as compiling invoices for the NWRC/SJC funding).
  4. Files all yearly state renewals/updates required for the corporation, such as non-profit status renewals, annual filing with the Secretary of State, and real estate tax exemption for non-profits.


  1. Has at least five years’ work experience in the bookkeeping field, including experience with non-profit corporations.
  2. Proficient in QuickBooks and Microsoft Office, including Excel.
  3. Fully knowledgeable of generally accepted accounting best practices and can interface with corporate accounting firm.
  4. Experienced in all aspects of payroll.
  5. Extensive experience with data entry and record keeping.

Breakdown on payroll duties:

  • Request timesheet information (the hours worked) for all district employees, due by the 5th of the current month for the previous month’s info.
  • Calculate and summarize details of net pay, federal and state taxes withheld and email information to the districts’ bookkeepers. Each district bookkeeper will issue payroll checks to its employees.
  • The district bookkeeper will then deposit their monthly tax liabilities directly into the corporate checking account.
  • The corporate bookkeeper will send by electronic funds transfer (EFT) before its due date a) the monthly total corporate Federal tax liability and b) the quarterly total the State of Washington tax liability.
  • Prepare required year end reports relating to wages for the employee and for the federal government.

Submit resume to Carol at
by Wednesday, September, 16, 2020.