Orcas District

Orcas District is one of three geographic districts comprising the Senior Services Council of San Juan County nonprofit corporation established in 1976. The Orcas District Committee manages and operates the Orcas Senior Center operations, facility, and programs. 

Members who are current on their membership fees of Orcas Senior Center may vote to elect members of the Orcas District Committee. In addition, voting members must be age 60 and over or adults living with a disability, AND be residents of the following islands: Orcas, Waldron, Patos, Sucia, Matia, Barnes, Clark, Obstruction, and Crane. To become a member and see our list of membership benefits, go here.

Orcas Senior Center today is called to provide a robust portfolio of health, social, educational, recreational, volunteer, and service opportunities. Accordingly, Orcas Senior Center’s mission is to engage the community to provide services, advocacy, and support so that people can live and age well on Orcas Island.

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To read about the current elected members of Orcas District Committee, go here.