Foot Care

Many seniors suffer foot care disorders that lead to pain and reduced mobility, independence and quality of life. They are often not mobile or flexible enough to address their own foot care and require professional nurses to manage foot problems.

In 2019, Orcas Senior Center received a generous grant funded by our community via Orcas Island Community Foundation to upgrade our foot care room with a state-of-the-art foot care chair, foot care equipment, and a much-needed window for ventilation.

Due to COVID-19 and resulting safety standards, the foot care program has taken great measures to revise protocols, equipment, supplies, and staff training.

Both foot care nurses are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In order to keep nurses and clients safe, masks are required at every appointment regardless of their vaccination status.

The foot care program is following the American Foot Care Nurses Association best practices, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, and the San Juan County Board of Health requirements in order to reduce exposure of potentially life-threatening conditions to valued clients and nurses alike.

For questions about foot care or to schedule an appointment with Erica Bee, LPN, CFCS, M.Ed, call (360) 622-8234 or (360) 622-2117.

Meet the Nurse

Foot care services at Orcas Senior Center are performed by a team of dedicated and highly qualified nurses. Meet the foot care program’s nurse, Erica Bee, LPN, CFCS, M.Ed.

Erica Bee, LPN, CFCS, M.Ed

My interest in foot care began back in 1987 in upstate New York trimming sheep, cows and horses’ hooves on our family farm. It was an easy, natural step to humans – “they don’t kick as hard and most of the time, they smell better.” When I returned to my roots in Washington, I added certified Foot Care Nurse to my list of credentials. I started my own business, Footcare with a Heart, expanding mobile services in people’s homes.